Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Bye Lake Michigan

Our trip to Frankfort comes to an end as we headed home today. Here is a picture of the girls and I. Laine stayed healthy the whole trip, thank God. Paige went swimming most every day, Jeff went fishing a couple times, and I tried reading some new books. I recommend the following...1) The Last Lecture, 2) Animal,Vegetable, Miracle and also 3) If you Lived Here, I'd know your name. We went to the beach in a small little town called Empire on Friday. I was so refreshed and renewed after spending an hour or so there. The girls played on the playground and Jeff and I just sat and watched them play and then walked the beach and watch the waves come in. The waves were so strong and splashing and the rough surf caused the sand to make the water an aqua/blue was so beautiful. I wish I could bottle that right up, so on days when I can't figure out how to relax I can pop that lid right off. I always get a lump in my throat when we have to leave. I loved not having a routine for a while. What do you do to relax and renew yourself? JenD

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