Friday, June 27, 2008

My strong and brave girl

Paige went to camp this week and I so happy to see her when we picked her up. We threw our arms around each other and just hugged for a while. She came home Wednesday night (it was a 4 day camp for her age). All the campers receive a reward for qualities seen in them during the week. Paige got Humility. Paige got Humility because of her character and that just makes me so proud. I think camp was a little harder on her than she thought it would be. She said "camp was a blast...but the nights were really hard". She threw up two different nights because she was homesick. But the last night there (I think she knew she would see us the next day) she did just fine. She never asked to go home or even call even though she was homesick. She made friends, learned about Jesus, did crafts, water activities, dancing, and keeps remember more stories of the fun. The car ride home she was so exhausted she slept almost the entire way. Now since she has had a couple days to process camp...She loved it. She is thinking about going back next summer although she says she wants to wait until she turns 8 to decide for sure. She is brave!!! I am not sure I would have wanted to go at 7 years old. She really wanted to go so I encouraged her. I'll keep encouraging her. Thank you God for my strong, brave, independent little Paige.

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R.L.Scovens said...

This reminds me of basic takes guts! Great pics! I love it when kids stretch themselves!