Monday, June 16, 2008

Potty Training stinks...literally

OK seriously if I didn't spend so much money on cutting, highlighting and coloring my hair I'm thinking I might just have pulled it out already. First picture this...the first child Paige sat on the potty chair at 2 1/2 and we told her to tell us when she had to go and she never had a accident NOT ONCE. She was potty trained from that day forward. I know, I'm sure you are all laughing and thinking now I get what I deserve, but come on. OK, this is what my life has been like the last 5 months. Pooping on everything except the potty chair. Laine who will be 3 in August and needs to be potty trained to start preschool in September (already paid the nonrefundable deposit) has pooped on her toys, the Leapster, the living room floor, the bathroom floor and many pairs of nice Dora panties. We have tried helping her think it is her idea and she has no part of that. She just says she "doesn't want to". She is too busy playing, eating, drawing or just about anything to be bother by walking down the hall to the bathroom. We have tried the Dora Potty seat, the Potty chair, the ducks that float in the seat potty chair. We have tried using M & M candy for every time she would sit on the chair. I have tried stickers, hugs, praise and anything Dora. Paige has tried to demonstrate multiple times. Laine usually just says "it just not working mom" after sitting on the chair for 1.2 seconds. This was our story tonight

Laine: "Mom will you clean my poopy butt?"

Me: "Laine did you go potty in your pull up? " and my stern mommy look

Laine: "Mommy please clean my poopy butt."

Me: Another stern look and "Laine we don't say butt in this house."

Laine: "Mommy will you please clean my poopy bottom."

Laine: As I am cleaning her she says "it's OK mommy it's just an accident and I love you soooooo much."

Me: "I love you too Laine."

Thank you God you these precious moments with my strong willed, fiesty, sassy little girl. I wouldn't do anything to trade these times. They are so special. I just know one of these days she is going to think this was her idea and and she will be my strongwilled fiesty sassy potty trained little girl.


Linda Vujnov said...

Oh my. Potty training is absolutely no fun. My middle mister didn't pee in the toilet until he was 5!!!

Thanks for visiting Jen!

JenD said...

Thats is not funny! JenD

Forever Greatful to be a Wife and Mommie said...

Oh My Gosh -- my daughter (3 years old) pulls the whole "I love you mommy" thing all the time -- when she knows I'm upset and then have to say I love you back and when she wants a snack.

Go figure -- they are so stinkin' smart!