Sunday, June 29, 2008

Look how far we've come!

Searching though old pictures is fun and I found this one of Laine. It reminded me of how far she has come with the healing of the Strawberry Hemangioma that developed after birth. This picture was taken about 2 months after it stopped growing so this isn't when it was at the largest, but, it gives you an idea from when she was 10 months old to now about 2 1/2 years. We are hopeful in the next few years she will continue to heal better. She may need some plastic surgery in a couple years but our doctors are hopeful that it will get better with more time. We have seen Dermatology, Hematology and Opthalmalogy at U of M and all are pleased with the progress. We see all the doctors again later this summer for check ups. We'll keep you posted! She also returns to her Genetic/Metabolic doctors later this summer and we are pleased with Laine's progress and health and hope they are too. She has only had one hospital stay this last winter for the year so far. We are hopeful for no more stays this year. We give God the glory for meeting our needs and answering our prayers. During the first few weeks after she was born and we were faced with her Metabolic condition and the growing Hemangioma, needless to say that I was one stressed momma. I would have never guessed our lives would return to our "normal" that it is today (although it was my prayer). I am reminded to ask by prayer and petition our desires and God is good and faithful.

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