Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PottyTraining (I should have thought of this)

OK, last night Jeff comes home with a plastic Tupperware container with lid and and bag of M&M's. He says a buddy at work did this and every time their child went potty they gave them one M&M. Duh...I should have thought of this before...Laine loves (and I mean loves chocolate with a capital LOVE). So we pour the M&M's in the container (see through so she can drool) and she says "I want some". I told her every time she sits on the potty chair she can have one M&M. Every time she goes potty she can have 3. It did not take more than just a little while and 2 potty trips to go potty on the toilet. Thank God we are headed in the right direction. Seriously, if that guy's advice gets my kid potty trained before her 3rd birthday then I am so buying him dinner (or maybe just a big bag of M&M's)!


Sarah Markley said...

yes - ptraining is happening around here too. my 2 1/2 yr old wants to go - so I let her try. she's only successful about half of the time, but its cute!

JenD said...

try mm&M's it will work!