Wednesday, February 11, 2009

100 days

Yesterday was 100 day at school. The school celebrated with lots of 100's. The second graders had to decorate tshirts at home during the last week and then where them to school and have a fashion show complete with a walk down the runway. Paige said "when they called my name my stomach hurt and was in a ball...but then my friends all gave me high fives when I was walking down the runway." She was proud of her 100 bows on her shirts like a rainbow. She loved decorating it with me. Her cousin had lots of hearts on her shirt and was cute too. Yea for 100 days being completed!

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Charisse said...

Very cute, I may have to steal that idea to use next year with my first graders. We make shirts and the kids put their fingerprints on it with different colors. I like the idea of having them do it at home. How fun!