Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hil/Lo of the week

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1)Something has become a little tradition over the last few weeks on Tuesdays, coffee night with my husband. Yea for us.

2)Having time to scrapbook See here and here for my favorite pages recently.

3)I found 3 of my college roommates through Facebook that I had lost touch with for the last 12 years.


1)Getting less hours at work and worried about possible layoffs if things don't improve. I never thought as a nurse this would happen anytime soon.

2)My car would not start on a very cold morning when I was going to take Paige to the bus. She had to walk to the bus stop and was scared she going to miss the bus. She made it. The neighbor gave me a jump...Then 5 minutes later after pumping gas, it quit at the gas station when it was about 5 degrees. I had my 3 year old with me and we where on our way to preschool. She missed school, I missed the gym and coffee time and it was cold but finally got it fixed. A bad cell in the battery was all.

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