Monday, February 16, 2009

wide awake

i have posted about my passion of scrapbooking a lot lately but have not posted much about my other passions and interests as much. i thought today would be a great day. one area that i am trying to work on is becoming the women that God would want me to be. i am reading an awesome book by Ermin Mcmannus called Wide Awake. it talks about the dreams of our life. it brings up the possibility that our dreams might not be even close to what God has for us.

"There are dreams we try to recruit God into, and frankly I think He looks at us and says not on your life...Jesus spent much of his influence trying to get those who would listen to change what they cared about. Because what you care about is what you dream about. Your passions fuel your dreams. If we want to live a wide awake life of our dreams, we must trust God to guide us on a journey we cannot take on our own. He sees the dream that could become your life. A life beyond your wildest dreams. Don't take you last breath without living it." {mcmannus}

isn't that just so well written! a few years ago i was heavy burden with being told "please come to my office now, i need to see laine" by her pediatrician. Our 6 day old had some lab work done and it wasn't normal. "just come now, i am keeping the office open for you" she said. i couldn't believe my ears. we went. we had more lab work. we had more appointments. we had more bad news. we were told she had a rare genetic disorder. i stopped dreaming. my thoughts were just getting through each day. i am really glad that God didn't stop dreaming for me. he has waited patiently until i have been ready to accept all he has for me, for laine and for my family. what are your dreams. do they line up with what God would want for you? do you trust God for what is best? i started the dream that laine could be healthy. today she is. and tomorrow i am hopeful too. i have learned a lot, but hope that i can be taught more. trust more. know Him more. and live the dream God has for me Wide Awake.

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purejoy said...

what a sweet post. and what a sweet name. laine. my daughter's name is mclean (and it rhymes with laine). it's so frightening when you hear your child is ill. so out of control. it's so hard to trust God, but trust Him we must.
press on, and keep writing. you do it well.