Monday, February 23, 2009

favorite things

in these tough economic times it is easy to feel depressed and down. i like to visit places that inspire me. these are a few of my favorite sites to visit and i thought i would share them with you.

have you heard of etsy? i love going there and seeing all these wonderful handmade items some of my favorite people to visit there are... what about makin me crazy? cute paper scrapbook stuff. Adorable little baby blankets from little snuggle bunny, and sprout on line has awesome jewelry too.
for scrapbooking supplies i love ribbon and bows oh my and also two peas in a bucket, and also ali edwards is so inspiring too.

if you need for help with photoshop jessica spraque is the place to go.
if you want to see some neat pictures from 2 friends who live on opposite side of the country go on over to 3191. for one year back in 2007 they each posted a picture on the blog from their morning. last year was a year of evenings and they have continued blogging and have a book with another on it's way.
and this picture is from my little artist paige. she loves drawing and crafts and making things and is so creative. what makes you happy? what brings you calmness? what inspires you to create and love? tell me...

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