Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi/Lo of the week

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Highs this week
1) Laine has stayed healthy this month and all winter for that matter. We have not had a hospital stay for a year now...for more info about Laine's VLCAD Dx. see here and here
2) Paige has not needed her breathing treatments or asthma medications for about 2 months now. Hopefully she is growing out out of the issues she had in the past.
3) Jeff and I traded our coffee night and stayed in to have popcorn and we watched the movie Fireproof. It was really good. It helped me to see ways I could be more of an encourager.

1) I have heard the Karg Family and their sweet girl here. The family is asking for a miracle.
2) The economy....being,

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purejoy said...

valentine craft. . . that was a high!! way to go! and congrats on good health issues. this time of year, that is a BLESSING!
and your low. . .wow when i see the suffering on these blogs (cora, tuesday, and the kargs...) it makes me stop and count my many blessings. your blog is precious!