Saturday, February 7, 2009

year of the scarf

Have you heard about the Year of the Scarf Bloggy carnival on March 2? Well it is the year to go from ordinary to extraordinary with a simple scarf. Over at Unexpected Blessing she came up with the idea. Get yourself an amazing scarf and take and pic and upload to you blog or website on March 2. The details are at her website. Come on and join me it will be fun.
P.S. Walmart has really cute ones for 5 bucks. Just like the one I have on and it lots of cool colors.


Rach@In His Hands said...

Yay, I'm doing this, too!

Thanks for commenting on my I said, I'm always thrilled to meet new friends!

Blessings to you,

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Thanks for helping me spread the word! Your picture is so cute!