Thursday, February 5, 2009

could you help a girl out?

Hey all my readers, do you think you can help a girl out? I am a advid scrapbooker and entered 6 pictures in a Scrapbook contest. Could you go here and vote for me? If you can make a comment and rate it that would be awesome too. Thanks I appreciate it.....You can see my 6 pictures I sent in and comment and rate them. My favorite is Laine with the blue eyes. It is a contest for a cover of the magazine Thanks and happy Friday...

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Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Cute pictures and pages! I love scrapping. I have a few pages right now I am trying to finish up the journaling so I can do more fun stuff. I know if I don't do the jounaling now I will never get back to it!

Thanks for agreeing to do my Year of the Scarf Bloggy Carnival! Jackie from Our Moments Our Memories is making a new SUPER CUTE BUTTON for me! So please check back later today or tomorrow and change it out. The new one is SOOO much CUTER!!! I can't wait to see your scarf! :)